Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Turn Off Laptop Monitor Without Shutdown

You may want to turn off the laptop monitor only and leave the device running without shutdown, because you want to download a file from the Internet or you want to listen to music without being upset of screen light.

You may need to turn off the laptop monitor at numerous and repeated cases, and although Windows automatically turn off the laptop monitor when not used for a certain period, but you may need to turn off the monitor immediately without waiting for the end of the period.
This is in the case of use of the laptop, but for the desktop you can turn off the computer monitor of the play button.
We'll use in this topic a simple and easy tool did not need to install, and works with all versions of Windows, Monitor Off.


1- Download the Monitor Off tool, and extract it.

2- Open the MonitorOff tool, click YES to turn off your laptop monitor.


  1. When the screen is off how to activate it back?

    1. move the mouse or click any button

    2. How to make mouse or buttons inactive to keep screen off? I need to work with laptop while having its screen off all the time...

  2. When I'm Skyping, this program only turns my monitor off for 30 seconds, not touching any buttons or mousepad. Otherwise, it works fine. Any solution for turning off my screen while in a Skype call?


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