Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finally Apple Unveils the iPhone 5S

Apple has officially unveiled its new iPhone which called "iPhone 5S" in its conference on Tuesday in Cupertino city, the new iPhone is a development version of the iPhone 5 with more powerful processor, better camera and more developed features.

iPhone 5S has the same design of iPhone 5, it made from high-quality aluminum and has chamfered edges and it will be available in black and gray in addition to the new golden color.

The new iPhone "iPhone 5S" has 4-inch Retina display and glass inlays, and running iOS 7 operating system which is the newest version of iOS.

The iPhone 5S has the new A7 processor which developed with new 64-bit technology for the first time used in smartphones, the processor contains more than one billion 64-bit transistor making it simulates computer processors, and it is faster than iPhone 5 processor at about 56 times.

Apple has improved the battery of iPhones 5S, which has promised to stand up to ten hours of talk  through third-generation networks (3G), or eight hours of surfing the Internet via third-generation networks, or ten hours of surfing the Internet via fourth generation networks, or ten hours of surfing the Internet via "Wi-Fi", or ten hours of video playback, or 40 hours of music, while the phone stays in standby mode up to 250 hours.

The camera of the iPhone 5S is megapixels, with flash consists of two units of LED, first flash is"cool and white" and the second "hot and yellow", and the phone collects both flashes to reach the right balance.

Apple has revealed the Touch ID feature to unlock the phone via fingerprint, where the iPhone has a sensitive fingerprint thickness of 170 microns and resolution 500 pixels per inch, the new sensor can can read the fingerprint in any direction and it is built in the Home button.
Apple stressed that all the recorded fingerprints is encrypted and secure and is not available for any other program, or a third party.

Apple intends to provide the new iPhone at a starting price of  $199 for 16 GB storage and $299 for 32 GB storage and $399 for 64 GB storage, and all of those prices with the contract for two years with telecommunications companies, and new covers with multiple colors will be available for iPhone 5S $39.

Apple plans to open pre-order of the new iPhone on September 13, and it will put it in some markets on September 20, in conjunction with low-cost phone iPhone "iPhone 5C" revealed by Apple during the conference.

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