Monday, September 9, 2013

How to Backup Google Chrome Data and How to Access to it From Anywhere

We explained in an earlier article how to backup your Mozilla Firefox data, an how to restore it after format or access to it from anywhere.
Today we will explain how to backup your Google Chrome data (favorites, add-ons, history and passwords) by the synchronization feature, and how to access to it from anywhere.
This way helps you to keep your data and not lost because of a problem in your computer or re-installing the windows, also this way allows you to access your data from another PC.

1- Open Google Chrome and sign in to it from the main window.

Or go to settings, then Sign in to Chrome.

2- Type the E-mail and password of your Google account.

3- Mark the data you want to backup, click OK.

4- Go to another PC, open Google Chrome, sign in using the same E-mail and password.

5- You can find the data of Google Chrome that existed in the first PC such as Bookmarks and History.

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