Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to Update and Install Drivers of Your Computer

Did you miss the driver of the printer or graphics card? Do not worry, we will offer you an easy way to install your lost drivers.

SlimDrivers program saves you the trouble of searching for drivers that you need and also save your time, effort and cost.

SlimDrivers program search the internet for drivers needed by the computer and even drivers needed by the devices connected to your computer via USB, and install or update it to save you the trouble of searching and take care of all the effort required.
SlimDrivers program is one of the best programs find drivers of computer from the Internet, the program scans your computer completely to identify the incomplete and lost drivers on Windows and download it from the Internet and then install it on your computer.
SlimDrivers program can update the drivers of your computer to the latest version to enjoy the best performance for your computer, it can retrieve and update all the drivers of your computer without exception, and create a restore point to avoid problems occurred during the process of updating the drivers.

How to Update and Install Drivers of Your Computer:

1- Download SlimDrivers from official website.

2- Install the program.

3- After installing SlimDrivers program, open it, this is the main interface.

4- Click on Start Scan to start scanning for drivers to update it.

5- Now the program scanning your computer to find missing drivers and to update the current drivers.

6- After the scanning process completed, you will see the results, as you see there are 11 driver need to update or install.

7- If you want to update or install a driver, just click on Download Update.

8- The program ask you if you want to save the current driver and create a restore point before installing the new driver to avoid problems.

9- Now, the new driver is downloading, wait!

10- After the new driver is downloaded, the installation begin, continue the installation until the end.

11- As you see, the installation of the new driver completed, click on Continue to continue updating and installing the other drivers.

12- The program will ask you if you want to restart your computer, click Yes if you don't want to install another drivers, or click No if you want to install another drivers, and when you finish installing all the drivers restart your computer to run the new drivers.

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